As the European Potato Processors‘ Association we want our industry to be highly innovative, sustainable, competitive, being responsible for the current and future needs of our planet and our consumers. In order to achieve this, we are pro-actively engaged in communicating our values and concerns to all relevant stakeholders. We pride ourselves in adding value to an important European crop with a strong heritage regarding farmers’ interests. All of our members sell cross borders, offering a wide range of products using the excellent reputation of the European cuisine.

Our role is to defend the interests of our members on a European level and together we want to co-create a more sustainable future: promoting ethical, environmental and economic wellbeing across our supply and value chain.

The European Potato Processors do their best to prepare a high quality product. To make sure these are fried to perfection, some helpful tips ‘the golden frying recipe’ have been put on this website. This means everyone will be able to fry in order to get a nutritional, good tasting potato product. 

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