More than 90% of potatoes used for processing in Europe are grown in its North-West corner the main production area for potato processing where fries (chips), potato chips (crisps) and multiple other potato specialities are prepared. The key characteristic of Europe’s main potato growing area is the increased cross-border transportation between these countries, ensuring the potato processing factories are supplied in the most efficient way.

This takes place because the potato processing plants are often located relatively close to the country borders, while companies are contracting the majority of their potatoes with individual growers in a radius of on average 100 – 150 km from their factory. This limited transport range is important to manage product quality as well as efficiencies.

The European Potato Processors do their best to prepare a high quality product. To make sure these are fried to perfection, some helpful tips ‘the golden frying recipe’ have been put on this website. This means everyone will be able to fry in order to get a nutritional, good tasting potato product. 

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