Europe is the second largest grower of potatoes worldwide; it is an industry well-rooted in its agricultural supply chain. The whole of Europe grows 122 million tonnes of potatoes, with EU production at 52 million tonnes of which 37 million tonnes is grown in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and the UK. Processed European potato production is worth more than 10 billion Euros.

In 2016 the EU exported 1.6 million tonnes of processed product (frozen, flakes, flour and dehydrated - including chips) outside the EU, worth €1.344 billion, according to World Potato Markets.

The European Potato Processors do their best to prepare a high quality product. To make sure these are fried to perfection, some helpful tips ‘the golden frying recipe’ have been put on this website. This means everyone will be able to fry in order to get a nutritional, good tasting potato product. 

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