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Here you will have a unique chance to find out more about our industry, its performance, ambition and understand what makes it so competitive around the world.  
There will be several interesting speakers and panel discussions about the innovation in our sector, responsibility we take up and of course, the future.    
The Conference is also a unique chance for you to get to know different stakeholders and the professionals from our industry who can share several useful and interesting insights with you.    


For more information on EUPPA Conference please click HERE

EUPPA represents the most important European potato processing countries. Membership includes 6 national associations and directly 17 companies.

Europe is the second grower of potatoes worldwide; it is an industry well rooted in its agricultural supply chain. The whole of Europe grows 122 million tonnes of potatoes, out of which the EU production is 52 million tonnes with the sector’s turnover being around 8 billion Euros.